Studio3Photography treats your wedding like we would our own.  With 2 to 3 photographers working as a close team we capture the best of your special day – preserving it to create future smiles… decades ahead.  What is it like to photograph a wedding?  We are everywhere at once – with great subtlety.

_DSC7450We are there when you get ready


When your dad walks you down the isle, catching the tear in your mom’s eye when she looks up to see her beautiful daughter.


Your first embrace


We’ll preserve your entire wedding party… no matter how big!


We will coach you through creative posing – always fun!


We will smile with your parents, as we watch just the two of you


we will encourage interesting perspectives


Will suggest unique “get away” imagery


Always fluid, never stiff… always capturing your personalities


We coach you throughout the day creating priceless imagery with minimal stress.  We will remind you to pause, relax, breath and enjoy the moment… just the two of you.


_DSC8418With 2 to 3 photographers working as a team, we are everywhere – capturing moments from wonderfully different vantage points.

What is going to happen…





what is happening…







what just happened.

We cheer at your best man’s toast


We remember that special father-daughter dance


And Party!


We are creative photographers.  We are artists.  We are people like you.


Add Studio3Photography to your wedding team and let us capture your special day with confidence, creativity, fun and low stress.  We’ve got you covered!